Vampires. They’re terrifying, seductive, and love to sneak into your bedroom to feast on your delicious blood while you sleep. As Halloween gets closer, vampires are able to hunt more frequently without being discovered. To make sure you’re not made into a vampire’s midnight snack, take these precautions to protect your bedroom.


Sunrooms will foul the most insidious invader
Sunroom Image Basket

It’s a well-known fact that vampires cannot go out in the sunlight lest they want to burst into flames and perish completely. Even if you design your bedroom to let in the maximum amount of natural light with floor-to-ceiling picture windows, vampires only hunt at night so your giant windows won’t protect you. In fact, they’ll probably invite more vampires. Since vampires love to sneak through windows, bigger windows make easier entrances. Instead of using the power of natural sunlight, illuminate your bedroom with artificial sunlight. Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, can protect you against any vampire attacks by mimicking natural sunlight and effectively repelling and damaging any vampires trying to drink your blood.


Raid your kitchen for garlic
Grow garlic in your yard Alliance to Save Energy

Another well-known fact is that while garlic is extremely beneficial to humans, vampires are highly allergic to the smell and taste of it. Whether it’s due to their highly sensitive olfactory senses or that garlic actually harms them, vampires will not hunt you or drink your blood if you protect yourself with garlic. To repel vampires from your bedroom, learn how to decorate with garlic. Grow your own garlic in your backyard to infuse your strength and energy into the cloves. Then hang the garlic over windows and doors to keep vampires from entering your bedroom. If, somehow, they still manage to get in, rub garlic on your neck before you go to sleep or create a circle of garlic around your bed so the vampires can’t get to you. Come sunrise, they’ll be forced to leave.


Rig your front door with a simple booby trap
It's the same with rice Telegraph

Did you know that vampires are obsessive compulsive? They are. If you drop a handful of shiny marbles or coins or other small items, a vampire will stop hunting you to count the items. If you’re a bit of a Macgyver handyman, you can rig up an alarm system or booby trap that drops marbles if a vampire opens your window or door. You can use that time to get away or to get your hands on some garlic and wooden stakes.

Wooden Stakes

DIY wooden stakes for vampire hunting
DIY woodwork Distefano

If simply repelling vampires from your bedroom is not an option and you need to take the next step, you need to know how to kill a vampire. One of the few ways you can kill a vampire is with a wooden stake. Fortunately, these can be easily hidden in your bedroom so you can keep them close at hand without any humans or vampires getting suspicious. You can purchase furniture that has hidden compartments to store and hide your wooden stakes.


Silver lining
Silver 365 Days of Horror

While many people know that silver is effective against werewolves, not many know it can be used against vampires as well. For best results, use silver knobs and locks and silver-plated frames on and around your doors and windows. If you have the budget and the inclination, you should put silver throughout your walls as well for a complete barrier against vampires

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