No reason why your floors should be boring. There are numerous ways to paint floors and we’re separated some of the coolest ones for you today. Between these ideas you can find the one that appeals to you the most, or the one that matches your style better!

Don’t forget to look for tons of inspiration! If you like what you see here, take that into some research and you’re sure to find the perfect idea for your home in no time.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu


Stencil patterns can be used in many creative ways! Source: The Budget Decorator

Stencil paint can be used to many effects. You can go as far as to stencil the entire floor for an awesome pattern effect, but it can also be used to create zones or paths like the one seen above.

The effect will depend on the pattern itself – you can go for something geometrical and simple in most cases for a neutral look, but you can opt for more fun ideas in the case of children’s bedrooms or light-hearted environments.


Splatter is super easy to do and can become a fun weekend project! Source: Martha Stewart

A super fun idea for children’s bedrooms or just a bold new look! And the best part – as you can probably imagine, you can do it by yourself just fine. It can even become one of the most fun parts of your week, just getting a couple paint buckets and splattering around the floor on purpose.

You can’t go wrong – basically pick your colors and Jackson Pollock those floors!


Pattern paint is a great way to simulate tiles. Source: nextluxury

This can be done with the help of stencils as said before to simulate the impression of tiles. It’s a suitable alternative if you’re not thinking of installing tiles but want to revamp the look of your floor – it’s cheaper, less labour intensive, and non-permanent. If in the future you still want those tiles, or decide for a change of pattern and color, everything is still on the table.


Glossy paint reflects more light and adds dimension to your floors! Source: HouseBeautiful

Glossy paint can bring a lot of “shine to a room. Although it’s not ideal for every situation, being able to reflect some light can really do you some favours.

Combine it with a soft color like the blue seen above, and the reflective light is just bright enough to bring some dimension to your bathroom without looking strange. Plus, reflective surfaces tend to enhance the feeling of cleaningness, which counts as extra points in glamour for you.

Painted rug

painted rug
A painted rug can cover up stains left by old rugs. Source: Lovely etc

Fun fact: the painted rug above was a clever solution to hardwood floors that had a noticeable “rug mark. Instead of spending tons and replacing the entire floor once the rug was removed, they instead painted a rug  in that area – meaning they didn’t even have to rearrange any furniture around. 

This technique gives you a lot of room to experiment, since the paint can be any color or pattern. You can have something crazy stylish like the one above, or something more subtle just to create that zone in your dining area or living room. 

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