If you’re looking to update your home in a way that is certain to lead to a big return on investment, the bathroom is always a safe bet. Set your remodeling sights here to maximize your return and throw in new fixtures, lighting, or vanity to gain a big boost in value for your home. If you’re in doubt, pitch some of your bathroom remodel ideas to professional remodelers to get a better sense of the scope and scale of the project.

“With every bathroom renovation, there are three areas that I focus on: budget, function and style.” - Candice Olson

New Lighting Fixtures

Light up the way
Wonderfully lit fixtures.Source: HGTV

One of the simplest remodels that get the most benefits is simply updating the lighting fixtures in a bathroom. Not only will this add brand new lights to an older room, but with the right track lighting, you’ll be able to literally see yourself in a whole new light. Small bathroom design ideas like this are not just completely advisable, but also see a return for the long term and provide a useful feature in the short term. Here are some newer models of lights that should fit right into your bathroom:

  • Shades
  • Street lamp design
  • Chandelier (no, really)
  • Twin mounted lamps
  • Matching wall mounted features
  • Diva lights
  • Electric candelabra
  • Crystal lighting
  • LED strips
  • Spa lighting

Geometric Bathroom Designs

Geometric patterns are very eye catching
Such beautiful patterns and designs. Source: House Beautiful

One of the latest trends in home remodeling is the ever symmetrical geometric pattern. This is a great way to ensure that your home looks as smooth as possible for a very reasonable price tag. Geometric designs can be as simple as outlining the bathroom with wooden trim work around the room’s frame, or as complex as adding a glass shower door with a similar pattern. The versatility of geometric patterns make it one of the best bathroom remodels available to date.

Total Makeover

Bathroom remodeling made easy
Wonderfully matching blue and white color scheme. Source: Easy Designm

Because you will see a substantial ROI (return on investment) no matter what work is done to your bathroom, should you have the budget for it, why not revamp the entire room? Throw all your bathroom remodel ideas into one project. It’s easy to be inspired once you know what look you’re going for. And if you’re looking for ideas, we can certainly provide plenty of those down below. Try out the following examples:

  • Marble vanity
  • More mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Eastern inspired interior
  • Rustic bathrooms
  • Clawfoot tub
  • Jacuzzi/spa
  • Barrel vaulted ceiling
  • New modern wallpaper
  • Update the fixtures
  • Update the hardware
  • Wall art

Art Deco

Remodeling your bathroom just got easier
Look at how luxurious a bathroom can be! Source: Home Design Ideas

Nothing looks quite as bold in the bathroom as art deco. Visual arts like this are always striking, doubly more so when you don’t expect it. Art deco is generally marked for it’s sharp definitions, bold colors, geometric motifs, and exotic materials. Seeing as this is certainly one of the boldest bathroom ideas you can try out on this list, it would certainly help if we gave you some structural examples.

  1. Empire State Building
  2. Chrysler Building
  3. Trapezoids
  4. 30 Rockefeller Plaza
  5. The Delano
  6. Stylized animals
  7. Eastern Columbia Building
  8. Mayan Culture
  9. Palais de la Méditerranée
  10. Chevrons
  11. Breakwater South Beach

Hide the Toilet

This will really set your guests at ease
Hide the fixture! Source: House of Turquoise

It might sound like one of the more silly bathroom designs, but hiding the toilet can actually be a classy way to be both functional and discreet. You can accomplish this in one of two ways:

  1. A “room-behind-a-room” approach with a strategically placed wall
  2. A strategically placed half-wall.

Either way, it enables the full functionality of the bathroom without a line of sight to the fixture. If a wall is out of the budget, try an armoire.

Mediterranean-Inspired Design

Spas: the height of luxury
A relaxing and fancy spa design. Source: Custom Homes

Morocco, Spain, and Portugal had a very distinct look back during the middle ages. You can still use that look today by incorporating Mediterranean designs in your home today. Terracotta tiles, Mosaic designs, or even metallic paints can easily be added to a bathroom to create a classy ambiance that any family member or guest can enjoy. These bathroom remodel ideas will add a very unique flair to any home.

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