Though home trends come and go, some things never go out of style such as curtains. Some people might think of curtains in terms of the heavy and old-fashioned ones that their mother or grandmother had. However, nowadays it’s not like that. 

Modern designs are easy to install and come in dozens of colors. You can add a bright pop of color to your bedroom or pick a funky pattern to hang in your living room. Do you need a few more reasons why you should install them? Check out the top five benefits of having curtains below! 

“If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes. – John Wooden

More Privacy

As companies build new homes, the amount of space between houses keeps dropping. It wasn't that long ago that you might have an acre or more of land and only see your neighbors from across the street. 

Depending on where you live today, you may find that your neighbors are so close that you see them every time you look outside. Adding new curtains will give you the privacy that you need

You can choose light and thin curtains that let more sunlight through or thicker and heavier curtains that block the outside. If you have neighbors who love coming over to talk and always seem to know when you're up and moving around, don't let the curtain installation cost keep you from adding drapes. 

With blackout curtains, you get even more privacy. These curtains block all of the natural light and can prevent light from leaving your home. Your neighbors may not even know you're home, and it will allow you to take a relaxing nap even during the day. 

Add Soundproofing

Do you worry about the noises that leave your home? No matter how close your neighbors are, they may complain that your TV is too loud or that your pets make too much noise. One benefit of curtains that many people forget is that they add soundproofing to your home. 

You can work with local drapery installers to make sure that you choose the right type for your home. 

Soundproofing curtains can also block all of the noises that you hear from outside. You no longer need to worry about waking up early when your neighbor mows their lawn or uses power tools. The right curtains will even block out street sounds.

Control the Temperature

Are you tired of constantly struggling with your thermostat? You might turn it up in the morning and at night when it's cold and turn it back down as the temperature rises. When you install window curtains, you get more control over the temperature inside and can rely less on your thermostat. 

Take, for example, cold winter days. 

Opening the curtains in the afternoon allows you to take advantage of the sunlight outside, which can naturally increase the temperature in your home by a few degrees. It's easy to close the windows at night to block the cold air. 

A good pair of curtains can also block any drafts that make your home feel colder and keep the cold air from escaping when you run the AC in the summer.

Give the Room a New Look

Redecorating just one room in your home can cost much more than you budgeted, especially if you decide to add new furniture. Curtain installation gives you an even easier way to redecorate and give the room a new look. 

  • You might pick a traditional design with thick curtains and heavy ornaments that keep the fabric pulled back along with an elegant curtain rod. This style works great with antique furniture and older decorations. 
  • If you prefer a modern look, go with a scrolled curtain rod and light curtains in a fun color. 
  • There are hundreds of colors that you can choose from as well as different materials that will work in the room.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Cleaning your home can take hours. If you work long hours on weekdays, you end up spending more time taking care of your house on the weekends, when you could be enjoying it with your family. 

Dusting is one task that many people hate doing. All of those dust bunnies you see under your furniture and particles floating through the air relate to your windows. Any drafts in your windows will allow dust from outside to get inside. 

When you use curtains, you block those drafts and can significantly reduce the amount of dust that you see. Heavy curtains often do a better job of preventing dust, but even light curtains can help. The less time you spend dusting, the more time you have for other tasks around the house. 

Looking at the top five benefits of curtains is a good way to see why you should install new drapes. With proper curtain fittings, you can spend less time cleaning and more time with your family as well as soundproof your home and gain some privacy.            

Ready to install new curtains in your home? Contact local drapery installers and request a free quote!


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