What Does a Handyman Do?


A handyman can do a lot. While some handymen specialize in a few areas of home improvements, most are skilled in many different areas. A handyman has the skills to replace a door, change out a light fixture, assemble furniture (https://www.homeimprovementpages.com.au/article/what_jobs_can_a_handyman_do), hang shelves and photos, etc. So start making a list of the things you need done around your home and have a local handyman complete the tasks.

When it comes to figuring out the pricing for different handyman services, it generally depends on how long the job will take and what parts are needed. There are three tiers of jobs that a handyman can do - small jobs, medium jobs, and large jobs.

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Costs for Small Jobs

Handyman Small Jobs

Small handyman jobs (https://housedoctors.com/small-jobs/) are those tasks that can be done in an hour or two and generally only require the use of hand tools. These are the types of jobs that you could probably do yourself if you had the right tools, the free time, and the proper knowledge. Most small jobs will cost around $60-$100, though the price could be lower or higher depending on the job itself. Some examples of small jobs would be:

  • Hanging photos and mirrors
  • Caulking around doors and windows
  • Replacing outlets or switches
  • Fixing a leaking faucet
  • Switching out an older thermostat for a newer one
  • Etc.
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Costs for Medium Jobs

Handyman Medium Jobs

Medium handyman jobs generally take two to four hours to complete and cost an average of $200. The following services would be considered medium jobs:

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Costs for Large Jobs

Handyman Large Jobs

Large handyman jobs will generally a minimum of four hours to complete, with some of them taking a few days. The cost for large jobs usually starts around $300 and increases depending on how long the job takes. Some examples of a large job would be:

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How Does a Handyman Charge for Services?

A handyman will charge either by the hour or have a flat rate per service (http://home.costhelper.com/handyman.html). It's best to find out how your handyman will charge you before agreeing to the work. In most cases, if the handyman charges by the hour, expect to pay $60-$90 per hour (https://www.fixr.com/costs/handyman). If the handyman charges a flat rate, then he or she will be able to provide that price for you before starting the work.

How to Find the Perfect Handyman

Even though handymen are skilled individuals, not all handymen are skilled at the same tasks. Therefore, it's important to organize your home improvement to-do list and group similar projects together. That way you can either have one handyman accomplish all of the tasks or split them up and have different specialized handymen accomplish the similar tasks. Some other tips to finding the right handyman are:

Hiring a Handyman vs Hiring a Contractor

What is the difference between a handyman and a contractor? Generally speaking, a contractor is a licensed individual whereas a handyman may not have a license (although they are required to be licensed in New Jersey (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handyman#cite_ref-tws27oct101_21-0) but is usually very skilled in many different areas. To determine whether you can hire a handyman instead of a contractor, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the project need a permit?
  • Will the project cost more than $500?
  • Will the project take more than a day or two to complete?
  • Does the project need a team of people?

If you answered no to those questions, you can most likely hire a handyman and end up with exactly what you want. However, if the project requires a permit or more than one or two people, you'll most likely need to hire a contractor.

While there are certainly handymen who will build decks, install flooring, and do minor electrical work and plumbing work, it's always best to find out if your project is one that needs a licensed professional before hiring a handyman. If you're planning on having an addition put on your house or upgrading all of the electrical wiring or plumbing in your house, you should probably hire a contractor. However, if you want a couple of light fixtures changed or need someone to fix your toilet, a handyman is more than capable of doing those jobs for you.

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