Many homeowners like to entertain guests once the warm days arrive, so now is an excellent time to think about improving the appearance and functionality of your home's exterior surfaces and outdoor living spaces.

This year, make better use of your outdoor areas by considering these easy and affordable 10 ways to get your home ready for summer and beyond! 

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best." – St. Jerome

Upgrade Your Outdoor Landscaping Design

When someone arrives at your home, the very first thing that they see is your lawn and any outdoor features like a garden, front porch or property landscaping. This is when people get their first impression of your home and property.

Take some time to upgrade your current outdoor look with new landscaping design details. If unsure of how to do this, consider consulting with a professional landscape designer in your local area to get you started.

Inspect & Make Any Needed Deck or Balcony Repairs

Even the best built deck and/or other outdoor living spaces will need a bit of TLC and maintenance work from time to time. Wooden decks and balconies are exposed to environmental elements and adverse weather conditions through the years.

Eventually, a homeowner will need to do some deck repair to keep these areas from looking tired, uncared for or just drab. The summer season is the ideal time to tackle this job.

Deck Refinishing Can Revive the Original Beauty & Style of Your Deck

After ensuring that any repairs are made on your deck, consider refinishing your deck and any steps to revive the original beauty and style when it was first built. Simply sand down the surface layer then paint or stain the wood to give it back some luster and shine.

Summertime Is a Terrific Time for Regular HVAC Maintenance

Heating and cooling specialists point out that summertime is a terrific time to perform the regular maintenance that your HVAC manufacturer recommends. This keeps the system running smooth and in good repair. This is a job best done at least once yearly or twice a year if possible.

This important task helps keep the smaller internal parts and fans operating as they are meant to do. To save time and effort, many homeowners schedule a professional HVAC inspection and maintenance with their local HVAC repair specialist.

Get Your Pool Cleaned & Ready for Summer Water Fun in the Sun

This is an excellent time to open-up your family pool and get everything cleaned and ready for use. There are some dependable pool experts that provide expert and effortless swimming pool cleaning for local pool owners at surprisingly low rates. 

These pool experts will also have the necessary pool cleaning equipment and supplies to do the job properly.

Update Your Patio Area for Outdoor Entertaining

Expand your home's interior entertaining space by moving outdoors during the balmy summer days and nights ahead. This is a fantastic time to update your patio area furniture and decorative details. 

Make your patio a comfortable and welcoming spot for cozy family or friend gatherings and quiet conversation.

Add Some Privacy Fencing

If your neighbor's place is just a bit too close for your liking, add some privacy fencing this summer. Consider adding a partial fence wall at the end of your patio leaving the rest of the outdoor yard space open to catch cool breezes. 

Alternatively, you could install a full privacy fence to surround your entire yard if that’s what you prefer. 

Install Welcoming Outdoor Lighting for Ambiance

Outdoor lighting today comes in a vast array of lighting design options. This enables every consumer to choose their favorite light fixtures, patio torches, wall sconces and/or twinkling light strands that will best showcase their unique outdoor lawn features and garden spaces.

The right outdoor lighting can instantly transform a dark space into a welcoming spot that exudes ambiance and draws people to its warm and beckoning glow.

Consider Insulating Your Home to Keep Indoor Air Temperature Comfy

Summer is also a good time to insulate your home. This helps keep your indoor cooled or heated air inside where it belongs. It also helps by shrinking your heating and cooling bills significantly throughout the months, both during warm and cold weather. 

Install New Windows & Spruce Up Entryway Door Area

As a fun and practical way to elevate your home's curbside appeal, consider installing new windows and spruce up your entryway door area. If budget limitations apply, consider utilizing a professional window cleaning service and add a fresh coat of paint to the front door.

Get a head start on summer outdoor fun by getting your home ready for the season now. If time and lack of energy causes hesitation, call a local handyman service to complete the work instead. 


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