A lanai is a type of porch or patio attached to your house that gives you space to spend time outside. And no, you don’t need to hang out with Blanche and the other Golden Girls to enjoy a lanai. 

Though often found on homes in tropical areas, you can use a lanai enclosure to get an outdoor space that you can use any day of the year. You'll have space to entertain friends and relax with your family, but there are other benefits of lanai enclosures that you should know before you talk to a builder.

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More Space

One of the biggest benefits of a lanai enclosure is that you expand your available space. Do you want a place where you can kick back with a good book and watch the great outdoors? An enclosed lanai is the perfect place. 

You can also use your new patio for entertaining friends and family. Many local companies do lanai screen repair if you need maintenance, making it easy to repair the screens when they rip or tear.

Avoid Bad Weather

You may find that you spend less time outside than you want simply because of bad weather. A lanai serves as a patio that you can use any day of the year. You don't need to head inside when a storm rolls through or grab a blanket and coat when the temperature drops. 

The enclosed design keeps you safe from all of the bad weather outside. You can sit and relax whenever you want.

Get More Privacy

There are few things worse than noisy neighbors unless it's people who can't stay away. You may not know what type of neighbors you have until you buy a home or new people buy the house next door. Trying to find ways to ignore them and escape the conversations they always want to have can drive you crazy. 

A lanai enclosure gives you more privacy and keeps you safe from prying eyes. You can choose from different designs to get even more privacy. Some designs ensure that you can relax outside for hours without your neighbors seeing or hearing you.

Protect the Lanai

A common issue with standard patios is that they cannot stand up to weather conditions. Concrete patios suffer from the freeze and thaw cycle, which allows cracks to form and expand as the temperature rises and drops. You don't need to worry about the weather when you install a patio enclosure. 

The enclosed sides protect it from rain and snow as well as harsh winds. You may find that you need lanai repair every few years though, especially if you have kids or pets who can break the screens. Most of the repairs that you need are quite affordable, though.

Avoid Bugs

Bugs are one of the big reasons why you might avoid spending time outside. Mosquitoes can bite you dozens of times and leave you with large welts all over your body that itch. Bees and hornets often attack when they feel threatened or someone comes close to their hives, which they can build on a traditional deck or patio. 

A lanai enclosure helps you avoid the bugs that you usually see outside. Large screens and windows let you see out but also block access to the lanai. With lanai rescreening, you can easily repair or replace any damaged screens that you see.

Add Value

Lanai enclosures greatly expands your home's living space. Source: HGTV


Depending on where you live, adding an enclosed lanai to your home can significantly affect the value of your home. It shows prospective buyers that they have the perfect outdoor entertaining space and an area that they can use when relaxing. 

During an open house, you can stage the area and give buyers a few ideas as to how they can use it. You may want to give them information on lanai screen replacement to show them that it doesn't take much to repair the screens, too.

Create a Custom Space

Working with a professional builder on an enclosed lanai design helps you create a custom space that works the way that you want. 

  • Do you want a fireplace you can huddle up next to with a good book on a cold day? A builder can design a lanai that includes a working fireplace. 
  • You might prefer an enclosed lanai that provides access to your swimming pool and gives you room to change before diving into the water. Builders can create the perfect lanai pool enclosure and handle the pool cage screen repair that you need later. 

With all of the benefits of lanai enclosures, now is a great time to add one to your home.


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