Spring is the perfect season to get back outdoors, and I’ve been talking about lots of ideas along these lines recently. There’s your typical spring cleaning and gardening, as well as tons of other home improvement projects you can pick from.

But today I want to focus specifically on outdoor projects, which I consider to be perfect for this season. There’s more than enough time between now and Summer for you to enjoy the pleasant weather, even extending as far as Fall in most regions.

Build or refinish a deck

Decks are extremely versatile outdoor projects. They can be embedded next to your home as an extension, but you can also build them separately with the intention of creating a different zone, like an outdoor kitchen.

But most importantly, decks are pretty light on construction requirements, making it an attractive home project for Spring. Most decks only use woodwork, which is easy to come by regardless of where you live.

You can easily find pros that build decks and porches in your area and ask for free quotes – the sooner you build, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your new outdoor space!

But if you already have a deck or porch, then this might be a good time to refinish and reseal.

Sealing is important because wood absorbs water, which leads to mold and rot over time. Combine that with a re-stain and your deck will look like it was just built the day before.

Power wash the exterior

Power washing (or pressure washing) is one of the best and most efficient ways to give your exterior a boost.

First, because it’s so fast. You can even do it yourself if you own or rent a pressure washing machine, but naturally, a pro can be hired to do everything for you, which is much easier.

But even better, the results of power washing are instant. It’s not like painting or refinishing where there’s a lengthy process before you start to when you actually start seeing results. You can literally see the results appearing right after the stream of water.

This is why power washing is highly recommended for all your exterior features like siding, windows, driveway, etc. It’s an immediate boost in curb appeal with a small investment!

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are slightly more demanding projects, but there’s a reason why they’ve become so desirable in recent years.

The freedom of an outdoor kitchen is incredible: a place to hang out, have barbecues, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, you name it. All while enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of your own home!

And you can start with a little to get a taste of it. A simple structure like a wooden deck is enough to get you started but to really make your outdoor kitchen flourish you will need more planning – especially when it comes to the necessary plumbing and electricity.

Learn more about how to make an outdoor kitchen! You’ll understand why it’s such a desirable outdoor home project!

Create a porch space

Many houses in the US have porches since this is such a useful area. And you don’t need any crazy investments here, because even just adding a few pieces of furniture is enough to create a hangout area.

This is perfect if you don’t have a deck but still wanted a nice outdoor space for having a cup of coffee or reading a book.

Combine that with the aforementioned power wash for your porch, perhaps a refinish or a new paint job, and you don’t have to build anything new – just use what you already have and improve upon it!

Get a birdhouse

Birdhouses are wonderful little additions for Spring, as they’re easy to set up but so rewarding to experience!

You can get these pre-made or build your own with some planks of wood and simple woodworking tools. Regardless of your choice, you can then place the house on a sturdy pole with food and water to attract birds.

They won’t always claim the home as their own, but if there’s food and water, they will certainly come in to check it out – which is perfect for you to get some pictures!

How about kickstarting your spring home improvement with the easiest? Get free quotes from pressure washing pros in your area today!


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