Fires cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. No matter how careful you are, you never know what's going on with your home's wiring system and electrical parts. An electrical fire can start inside the walls and spread all around your home. 

When a fire breaks out in the middle of the night and you don't have an alarm, you only have a few minutes to get to safety. If you think that you don't need this type of system, checking out the top five benefits of fire alarm installation will definitely change your mind.

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home." – Rosalynn Carter

Constant Monitoring

Do you worry about what your family would do if a fire started in the middle of the night? Even if you have a plan in mind, it's possible that someone might forget what to do, or even have a panic attack during an emergency. 

If you sleep on the second floor, you need a rope ladder that attaches to the window to make sure that you can get outside safely as soon as you notice a fire. However, with proper smoke alarm wiring, you have more time to get out of your home and call for help. 

Many modern systems also give you peace of mind when you're away from home. You can feel comfortable while on vacation or at work because the system sends alerts to your phone or any other mobile device that you use.

Early Warning Sign

A common reason to add a fire alarm system is that it gives you an early warning of a fire. While it takes only five to 10 minutes to put out some fires, others can burn for two hours or longer. 

Even if the fire department arrives and puts out the fire quickly, your home can still suffer a lot of damage. Depending on the amount of damage, you may even find your family stuck in a hotel room for weeks or even months until contractors can repair the damage. 

A good fire alarm lets you know of a fire at the first sign of a problem. You can choose one that monitors for smoke nearby or one that looks for temperature changes. 

As the fire spreads, it can cause temperature changes that the system picks up long before the smoke rises. That gives you more time to get out of the house safely and call the fire department, which may limit the damage your home experiences.

Avoid Inhaling Smoke

Smoke inhalation is a serious problem associated with house fires. When your home is on fire, the fire produces smoke, which you and your family will inhale. 

Symptoms range from coughing and stinging pain in the eyes to a runny nose and chest pain. Spending more time in the house will increase your risk of developing long-term effects or complications. Extreme smoke inhalation can even cause asthma, which may require that you use an inhaler for the rest of your life. 

With professional smoke alarm installation, you can avoid inhaling the smoke as well as the long-term side effects. This type of system will alert you to the presence of any type of smoke in your home.

Get Discounts on Your Insurance

You have many options when it comes to fire systems, but adding any of these to your home can help you save a lot on your insurance. 

Insurers ask you to pay a premium to get protection for your home. If something happens, you file a claim and pay your deductible. Your insurer will cover any other repairs that you need or costs you face up to your coverage limit. 

Many insurers offer discounts for homeowners who pay for smoke detector installation and similar systems because it reduces the amount they may need to pay later. 

A whole-home system features both smoke and fire alarms. The smoke detector sends a signal to alert you of the problem and tells the fire alarm to sound. Some systems can automatically call the fire department for you, too.

Save Money

Fire restoration work can cost as little as $1,000 or climb to more than $100,000. It often depends on factors such as how long the fire burned and whether it reached multiple areas in your house. 

Fire alarm system installation helps you save money and avoid some of the complications of a house fire. Depending on how much damage your house sustained, the city may demand that you live elsewhere until workers can repair the damage and restore your home. 

While insurance should pay for your hotel, you may need to use your funds to replace some of the items in your home or for anything else that you need. 

Looking at all of the benefits of a home fire alarm system is an easy way to see why your home needs one.


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