When it comes to picking colors for our home, often times we follow trends but when it comes to our bedrooms, a little more thought should be involved. Bedrooms, as a private part of your home, often get put on the back burner when it comes to design, since they aren’t major gathering spaces. That said, you spend at least a third of your life in this one room, so it should always deserve some special care and planning especially since it’s where all of your hard-fought rest and recharging is done.

In fact, reports now suggest that any number of factors in your bedroom could have an impact on your level of relaxation and quality of sleep. Travelodge recently did a survey that gives us a clue on what colors can help our sleep and which colors worsen it. Use these results to design a bedroom color palette and design that gives you just what you need at the end of a long day!

The Colors You Want


Blue bedroom tints that light up the room, fireplace included
Fireplace + blue paint = lit HGTV

Suzy Chiazzari, a Colour Therapy & Holistic Interior Design consultant said about the study “It’s not surprising that blue came out top in the study of the best colours to promote sleep, as the colour blue is very restful to the eye. Psychologically we relate blue to calm waters and the blue sky, both of which we find very soothing.”

Blue has always topped the list of colors people find relaxing and perfect for bedrooms. Additionally, blue has been known to reduce stress and aid in a good night’s sleep.

Yellow or Gold

Yellow and gold highlights that make the living room remarkable
Living room that is in da Houzz

Yellow is one of the brightest, happiest colors so it’s no surprise that people report waking up happier in a yellow bedroom. Yellow (or as an extension, gold) stimulates the nervous system and creates a comforting environment aiding in relaxation.


Living room furniture in a lime green light
Lime green striped painting from Home Caprice

Green is the third most popular color scheme according to this study. This color has been a growing trend in the US due to the growth of ecoconsciousness and it’s perfect for the bedroom. The color causes both restful and calming feels that are essential to inducing sleep.


Silvery bedroom coloring options for any interior
Stylish silver bedding options HomeDIT

Silver is not only an accent color these days in home, it can be an anchor color in any room and is particularly beneficial in a bedroom setting. Silver is already a luxurious color but in a bedroom it can create a glow similar to moonlight. This effect tricks the eye and creates a soothing, calming effect perfect for those with an irregular sleep schedule.

The Colors You Don’t


Purple passion in the bedroom with interior painting
Purple painted walls Decoholic

Creative-minded people have always labelled purple an inspirational color. It’s stimulating and promotes creative thinking which is great for an office or studio, but for the bedroom you want relaxation and comfort. So although purple has its place, your bedroom isn’t it.


Relaxed, elegant interior set up any home can enjoy
Custom relaxed bedroom Fancy Cribs

It’s easy to imagine a brown-toned bedroom as being cozy, rich, and luxurious but all too often the color can be dreary and make a room feel oppressively small. Brown bedrooms can cause feelings of discomfort and emotional isolation obviously resulting in restless sleep.

Your quality of sleep is a big factor, if not the biggest factor, in your overall health and well being. One-third of your life is dedicated to allowing your body to heal and reset for the next day. So when it comes to our homes, we should do everything in our power to reduce stress, increase the quality of our sleep, and allow for that rest and relaxation to impact us fully.

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