Having a deck is a great way to bring the entertainment and conversation outside. The summer time is the most ideal for grilling steaks, sipping lemonade with company, and enjoying the pleasures of the outdoors, though decks can be used year-round. Also, adding a deck to your home is a smart investment because it not only expands the home’s living space but also provides you with more ways to relax.

Deck Choices

Having a deck built will add more outdoor living space.
Decks add more outdoor living space and make your home look even more beautiful.

There are many material options for your deck to choose from but, some are better suited for warmer temperatures and some are better for colder climates. In addition to insulation options, there also is a wide selection of designs to pick from as well.

There are a variety of hardwoods to choose from that can complement your house beautifully while also being environmentally friendly.

Decks serve as a great transition from the walls of your home to wonders of nature. They can quickly connect you with nature providing a stress-free zone when life sometimes gets too hectic.

Deck Maintenance

Depending on the material used for your deck, maintenance levels vary.
Depending on the material used for your deck, maintenance levels vary.

Since decks are exposed to the elements year round, they usually need regular maintenance and attention, though it depends on the materials used. Having an unkempt deck can be very unappealing and detract guests from staying.

Take simple steps to protect your deck from weather, bugs, animals, and other damaging effects.

Weather-wise, the biggest issue is with the sun and the water. To defend against these conditions:

  1. Apply a wood sealer to help prevent stains or discoloration. These sealants usually come in oil or water based and can be painted on.
  2. Then wash and scrub the deck with a detergent solution and then rinse thoroughly.
  3. Allow the deck to dry then sand the surface until it is smooth
  4. Lastly, apply the finish with a brush. Two coats of finishing may be necessary.

The deck needs to be inspected once in a while for nails or screws that have popped out and boards that are worn out or split. Don’t forget about the underside of the deck as well. Animals, insects, and mold can still create holes, mildew, cobwebs, or chew the wood. It is important that you repair or replace these areas. In addition, check the underside for loose nails, screws, or bolts that need tightening.

Decks need routine maintenance and can sometimes be very time-consuming. However, by washing your deck every so often, applying brightener, or adding another coat of paint your deck can be revitalized. With these basic maintenance tips, your deck will last longer and provide your with many more years of outside relaxation.

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