Spring cleaning is a great project to refresh the house for the warmer seasons, but since it’s a cleanup on a much bigger scale than what we’re used to, it’s normal to forget or decide to skip a few things.

However, you might discover that a few tasks are very important to tackle now, before summer hits. Take a look next at which tasks are these and why they definitely need attention! 

Light Fixtures and Lamps

It may not look like it, but cleaning your light fixtures and lamps, whether they are from lampshades or the ceiling, is quite important. The buildup of dirt inside and outside the lamps can prejudice the emission of light, reducing the quality of lighting in the room.

Doors and Knobs

Did you know knobs are one of the dirtiest things in your house? Doors and handles are usually things that go unnoticed but are just as important as the others, or maybe even more since they’re the focal point of your front house. 

If you’re interested in keeping a good exterior image of your home, keeping your front door clean and presentable is the first step.  

Kitchen Drawers

We rarely think about cleaning and organizing this part of the kitchen, but maybe you should add it to your spring cleaning checklist. As time goes by, the rushed routine would make anyone accidentally let any part of the house messy and dirty, and the kitchen drawers can easily go unnoticed.


The windows are certainly remembered frequently during general cleanings, but do you also clean the window frames? During the year, dust and dirt can get accumulated on the top of the window frames, and the space usually gets forgotten during cleaning.

Shower and Bathtub Walls

Your shower and bathtub areas should always be properly cleaned, not only during spring cleaning. Since the space is used daily, it needs proper attention and care. The bathtub and shower walls can easily get in touch with dirt and other substances, and since it needs to have a certain level of cleanness due to their functions, you certainly shouldn’t skip it from your heavy clean-up checklist.


Don’t forget to take down the curtains and wash them during your spring cleaning. Curtains from common windows are usually pretty close to any outside dirt and germs since any wind can carry dust inside.

And it’s not different for shower curtains. As quoted on the previous topic, the shower and bathtub areas deserve extra attention, which includes the curtains and other accessories as well. 

If they are made of fabric, you can wash them in the washing machine. If they are made with a fragile fabric, then it’s better to hand wash to prevent damaging it. 


It’s always important to keep your fridge in good condition, clean, and free of expired products. The accumulation of products in bad states can cause uncomfortable smells and the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Therefore do not skip cleaning your fridge, since it’s also a question of hygiene and health. 


The cleaning of the mattress also may be seen as a topic of hygiene and health safety, due to all the bacteria and dirt the mattress builds up over months. Our body usually carries millions of bacteria from outside, so washing the mattress can be a pretty good addition to your deep cleaning room checklist

Damaged Walls

Sometimes during the year, it’s common for the house to suffer some damage in areas like walls, paving, or furniture, but you can easily fix it while doing your spring cleaning. Scratches, holes, or cracks can be filled with specific products for this type of job, such as spackling or plaster, and then cover with paint.


And finally, the chimney. Cleaning and inspecting may require a professional chimney cleaning service, but it’s something you shouldn’t skip on your ultimate cleaning checklist. During winter, some animals may take shelter on your chimney, leaving dirt, fur, and excrements.

It can damage your chimney, and even put you and your house in danger, considering the buildup of that much dirt can increase the risk of fire and monoxide carbon poisoning. 

Running short on time to clean the house? Consider hiring a cleaning service in your area to do it for you!


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