For many homeowners, the spring cleaning routine is almost a ritual to be completed so that the new season can officially begin. It’s a checklist of housekeeping, cleaning, organizing, and planning for future tasks – with these done, spring will be much more enjoyable.

Even if you’ve already started spring cleaning, these tips can come in handy to make your life easier. Obviously, this checklist involves a lot more than just cleaning, so it’s not something you can clear in a single day. But you can start whenever you have some free time, and have everything done in just a few days! 

Create a checklist (or use ours!)

Probably the most chill way to start is with a checklist – and I mean a very comprehensive one.

First and foremost, what will your spring cleaning encompass? A great place to start is with our spring cleaning guide that goes room-by-room. Take your notes and make sure you don’t leave any detail out!

I also recommend making a list of supplies you need to either organize or purchase before you start. In terms of cleaning products, you don’t actually need much, just be sure you have the essentials ready to go: a good broom, a bucket of water, your vacuum cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, etc.

Follow a schedule

As I said, you’re not gonna finish everything in a single day. Spring cleaning involves a lot of moving parts, so preparation and patience are important.

After the initial checklist is done, you can start by separating tasks by day. If you’re working a day job, it’s crucial to plan so that you give yourself enough time to clean, but also to rest. It’s important to avoid stress! 

A decent way to start is to do one room a day. If you feel like a certain room is easy-peasy, you can add some more to finish things faster, but don’t overwork yourself. If you only have the weekends to really dive in, you can do a couple of rooms in the morning and one more in the afternoon – that’s more manageable than trying to get it all done at once.

Start by decluttering

Decluttering is always a good starting point before the actual cleaning starts. Take this as an opportunity to relax as you go through things you can easily get rid of.

Separate out of season clothing that you can store away, check your home general clutter in the decoration or furniture that could be changed or removed – don’t worry about cleaning now, focus on getting rid of any excess.

Donate what you can, store away what’s important, and throw away the rest. It’s good to cleanse every once in a while, and it will make the cleaning part a lot easier.

Get the seasonal tasks out of the way

Cleaning the interior part of the house is one of the major tasks, but there are quite a few minor exterior tasks that come with the season.

Here are a few examples of spring maintenance tasks you could plan for:

  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Reseal your deck
  • Trim bushes and trees
  • Repaint the exterior
  • Rework your landscape
  • Inspect your gutters

And it doesn’t stop there… check out our spring home maintenance checklist if you want to know more!

Hire help

Something that tons of people forget is how easy it is to hire house cleaners, which saves you a lot of time and effort. It’s essentially a way to multitask without having to perform a huge chunk of tasks yourself.

This is particularly useful if you work a day job and usually get home either late, tired, or both. The thought of using your free time on the weekend to clean the entire house isn’t very enticing, but it has to be done.

In that case, consider getting free quotes from house cleaners in your area! You can still follow your checklist and stick to your plans, just get an extra pair of hands or two to help you clean rooms faster and more efficiently!


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