When going through a change in life it’s natural having the desire to change your surroundings. Whether you feel like upgrading your house, shaking things up, or want a complete makeover, searching for inspiration it’s a great way to find things about yourself that you didn’t know and discover new decor styles. What better way than with Instagram? Here’s a list of top interior designers and their beautiful work boards for your home.

1. Hannasinspo

All the shades of grey make for a unique style
Greyscale design options

Black, white and all shades of grey in between. This is heaven for who loves the charm of B&W and a modern type of decor that mixes chic simplicity with natural elements like green plants. The pictures with dogs are to die for, as well. Hanna Ahlin, interior designer works incredibly well with artistic and vintage elements and it’s a pro at grey palettes.

2. Detaljfabriken

Crazy designs and cactai in the home
Eye see a cactus

A web shop with designer pieces that focuses on those quirky touches that make a house truly unique. The highlights are decor with gold, metal, black and even a kid’s room has adorable options with bunny and other animal prints.

3. jwsinteriors

Get down with your colorful self
Pink highlights

Decorator and blogger, JWS Interiors sure knows how to dress up a room like it’s a fashion icon. From head to toe, or from wall paint to the accessories, style and elegance prevails at all times. With a foot on fashion design and another on interior decor, find the perfect mix in your taste.

4. ryankorban

Straight edges and square lines met with nature
Order meets chaos

With an amazing eye for amazing architecture and places that are filled with vintage and classic decor, yet at the same time feel they belong today. Ryan Korban, author of “Luxury Redefined”, paints a portrait of life with not only luxury and art, but with magic and wonder.

5. Jonathanadler

Light colors adorned with golden accents
Light colors and gold

With a design philosophy of building a timelessly chic foundation, then accessorizing with abandon, Jonathan Adler knows how to add humor and character to any space. Color is used brightly but in small touches, which are so vibrant they make a statement on their own.

6. justinablakeney

Lots of greenery in and around the apartment
Green tidings

Designer, artist and New York Times Bestseller author of The New Boho Book, Justina Blakeney fills Instagram and the entire house with color and bohemian prints. For a lesson on how to mix and match multiple patterns, incorporating as many plants and flowers as you can and creating that laid back atmosphere for a carefree and inspiring life, check this account and feel the motivation you need to build the home of your dreams.

7. benjaminvandiver

Passionate painting and light, relaxing rooms
Simple and minimalist

With an appreciation for the 80s, style icons and architecture, this designer goes full force on uniting the old and the new, with a breathtaking result of sophistication and smoothness. Even strong rooms have at least one element of ethereal beauty. Installation art, natural references and studies in forms, rustic touches and everyday details are captured splendidly.

8. homepolish

White contrasting with colors
White contrasts

One of the most eclectic styles so far. With more than 300 designers, the website works with designer bookings. Homepolish has an artistic side, very young and chic at the same time. Even though it varies in style a lot, what’s expected from so many different stylists, there’s one common element in all of them: every single room has a bright element and looks like a positive and energetic space.

9. onlyinterior

A modern take to decorating home interiors
Jade accents

For inspiration on comfortable and hype decor, with plenty of black and white pictures, metal, rustic wood and sleek white. If every Instagram teaches a lesson, the biggest one from onlyinterior might be: “you can never have too many plants”.

10. dominomag

Bedroom, living room, dining room, this has it covered
Wide array of style

The highlight of dominomag is definitely the easygoing vibe, between pictures of meticulous living rooms and carefully placed dinner settings, the portraits of flowers, colorful objects, plates and architecture are another breath of fresh air.

11. sibellacourt

Unique architectural design
Intricate patterns and designs

The Instagram home of Sibella Court, interior designer and author, it’s like a surreal dream. Memoirs and details of exotic trips, nature, decor and even normal objects gain a new light here. The charm lies in the adventurous spirit, a collector of treasures and art.

12. wonderfulrooms

Warm, oceanic tones for a home interior
Maritime coloring

If this Instagram account was a bedroom, you’d wanna move in now. With pictures of what seems to be the coziest places ever, contrasting with high end design and chic spaces, and a dab of daydream. With any of these ultimate goal rooms, there’s no way you wouldn’t enjoy living in it.

13. westelm

Weird twisted designs and objects
Funky shapes

The right place to go for those ideas that will push the envelope of your home decor. Pet lovers will love the inspiration of spray painted decor in animal shapes, but also the adorable pictures of dogs having fun with furniture or enjoying a lazy time. A photo montage of an entire life, not only decoration. Food, drinks, entertainment, take a peek of how personality traits shine through photograph.

14. decorsquare

FLoral arraingments that really capture the heart of the home
Floral design

Flowers, luxury, sweets and romance. A lot of rooms show rich fabrics like silk, and the opulence of high ceilings, classic or exotic architecture, chandeliers, will inspire that bit of opulence in your decor.

15. designmilk

Sparingly use the brightest colors
Subtle neon coloring

Nurture your style sense with designmilk, dedicated to the modern design founded by Jaime Derringer. All designs have a quality of thinking outside the box, and some of the pictures are incredibly artistic and special. A home for avant garde, edgy and even at times, a slightly creepy turn. In every way, embarking on a journey with art and decor can take you to places you’ve never been before.

16. interiordesignideas

Crystal blue persuasion
Blue highlights

Extremely modern settings paired with a classic revisited, focus on beautiful lighting on natural pictures and when artificial lighting is involved, be prepared for major wow moments with even colorful lighting.

17. decor8

Decor for everyone's pleasure
An efficient decor vibe

Design expert, journalist and book author, Holly Becker brings charm and light to every simple moment. With an amazing eye for design and architecture, Holly shows that from big buildings, to plates, to polaroids scattered on the desk, inspiration can really come from any place. A look at her Instagram profile is like traveling through Europe and coming back home to your kids and home, you get the full experience and that romantic world traveller feeling.

18. dwellstudio

Archways always provide some comfort
Classy, stylish

One of the most prestigious design studios. With bold prints and a focus on modern homes, they show how classy and modern a house can be, without sacrificing being edgy and daring.

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