Home improvements require planning even for the simplest projects. Whether you’re simply redecorating your kid’s bedroom or doing a complete makeover, here are five bedroom transformation before and after pictures that will inspire you to create the best kids’ bedroom layout for your children. They will surely love it!

“Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life. - Sophocles


This dark room needed something done.
This dark room needed something done. Source: The Spruce

This room actually kind of works, it has the bunker, the nightstand, the shelves, and a corner for studying. However, it is completely dark and, honestly, for me this brings a really “weighted energy (does that make sense to you?).

So, this is how it turned out after a bit of work done:


Now it's bright and lighter to sleep in.
Now it’s bright and lighter to sleep in. Source: The Spruce

A new color on the walls (even if that color is white, still counts), a new ceiling, new framing on the windows PLUS the furniture changes all come together to create this new, bright bedroom that’s suitable for children to live in. I’m sure they’re even having better nights of sleep in this new, spacious bedroom.


This unfinished room needed a new plan.
This unfinished room needed a new plan. Source: Architectural Digest

This room is really simple, seems like someone started to work on it and then decided to postpone the project forever. Looks like it was actually being made into a master bedroom or something, but in the middle of the way, it turned out the kids would make a better use of the space.

Check out how it is now:


Now it's this incredible place for the kids.
Now it’s this incredible place for the kids! Source: Architectural Digest

A fresh coat of white paint was also used here, but this homeowner decided to do something a bit more fun and use this geometric shape pattern on the walls too. It looks really...breezy, don’t you think? I think that’s the perfect word to describe this room.


Red doesn't really say "children", does it?
Red doesn’t really say “children, does it? Source: Blog Lovin’

The red walls and unfinished sort of pink flooring create a nightmare for anyone who walks in here thinking about making a room for the kids. But this homeowner decided to face the challenge and this is how it turned out:


A few coats of paint can fix any problems.
A few coats of paint can fix any problems. Source: Blog Lovin’

Doesn’t the room look so much better now? The walls are brighter, but there are still elements of red around the room - like the chair and wall decoration. I love how they created that half gray half white on the previously red wall, I think it looks great and unique!


Everything here comes together perfectly to create a lovely and fun bedroom for the little one.

Bedroom transformation before and after

A simple transformation to create a new room.
A simple transformation to create a new room. Source: October Acres

This bedroom that was previously a nursery (probably an unfinished one too), has now become a small bedroom for the boy. The transformation counts on:

  • Adhesive decoration on the wall
  • A new bed
  • A pouf
  • A rhino wall decor

It’s so simple and yet, it creates something really cool! Children will surely love having a bedroom that’s just their own, don’t you think?


A messy and ugly room.
A messy and ugly bedroom. Source: Apartment Therapy

Not only is this room ugly (let’s face it, that’s the word to describe it), it’s also messy and cluttered. Not a doubt here that this bedroom needed some work done ASAP. The remodeling didn’t let down, check out this amazing transformation:


And it becomes an amazing retreat for the girls.
And it becomes an amazing retreat for the girls! Source: Apartment Therapy

This is how the bedroom transformation turned out and it’s amazing! I love how they used the coral color (remember it was considered the color of the year 2019 by Pantone?) with this equestrian theme. It looks great and refreshing. I’d love to sleep in a room like that!

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