There are many ways you can make your landscape look good! Most commonly, combining gorgeous plants, trees, and shrubs to create a dreamy look in your yard. However, you can only truly enjoy every bit of your landscape when you add night lights too. Check out these ideas to get inspired!

“In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.” - Hans Hofmann

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights.
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Hanging lights are really fun to have, they can easily be moved from one place to another, and they create a perfect relaxing mood to enjoy the evening. If you have a pergola in the backyard, these will be great to light the inside!

Illuminated Walkway

Illuminated walkway.
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These lights are perfect if you have a walkway to your patio, or if you want to make a warming welcome to enter your house. Even though the lights I picked here are bright and white, you can easily find something warmer and more yellow-ish too, if you prefer. You can even find these stack lights that resemble torches!

Wall Light

Wall LED light.
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What can I say about this, really? It’ll be perfect to bring light anywhere! Make sure to choose a place where it doesn’t stand directly above your plants (no plants like to feel that kind of light so directly), but that people can still appreciate the beauty of your landscape - if you have a sculpture, that will be perfect!

Duo Lighting

Duo lighting.
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What I find so cool about these lights is that they reflect those colors on the wall. If you have something like this in your house, these lights become an essential item!

Porch Lights

Porch lights.
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The front porch also counts as part of your landscape, so it’s only fair to make it pretty too. A simple light by the door can make your house a lot more welcoming, and this one I picked here has this gorgeous style, kind of a mix between farmhouse and modern. I love it.

Stairs Illumination

Stairs illumination.
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Have you got stairs in your landscape? Then these lights will be the perfect choice for you! Not only do they add beauty to the scenario, but they also help prevent accidents during the night darkness.

Fancy Lights

Fancy lights.
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If you want to create something a bit more fancy to welcome guests into your backyard patio for a nice dinner party, this option will be perfect. It brings style, class, and its light has a great balance between being bright and smooth!

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