We’re halfway through the season now and you’re probably getting a bit tired of looking at the same outdoor decor for so long. Time to make a change! These five simple ideas will be perfect for brand new, refreshing deck decor.

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Hanging Chair

A DIY hammock adds style and personality.
A DIY hammock adds style and personality! Image source: hunker

There’s the option to buy a hanging chair and just hang it on your deck’s ceiling. But since we always love a good homemade version of things, you can also try one of these DIY hammocks that will beautify your deck.

DIY Wall Planters

Who doesn't love a vertical garden nowadays?
Who doesn’t love a vertical garden nowadays? Image source: Garden Lovers club

Now, this is just another name for a DIY vertical garden. Vertical gardens are for both inside and outside use, though this one is more for the outdoors. You can either DIY them or buy them pre-made, it’s up to you and the time you have during your weeks.

DIY Firepit

Roast marshmallows during summer night hang outs.
Roast marshmallows during summer night hangouts! Image source: homeyou

A fire pit sounds a lot harder to build than it really is! Let me tell you that it is quite simple, you basically need to get the materials, stack pavers, and install the fire pit. You’ll need more patience than hard work with this! Just think about how great it’ll be to enjoy that lovely fire in the evening, with the whole family gathered and having fun!

Comfy Furniture

Nothing like taking the weekend off to relax with the fresh air outdoors.
Nothing like taking the weekend off to relax with the fresh air outdoors. Image source: Southern State of Mind

Nothing says ‘home’ more than a cozy space, right? And that’s exactly what comfortable furniture creates! You can go with big, fluffy chairs, cozy puffs, or a bench filled with colorful pillows. It creates a beautiful place to hang out during the outdoors season!

A DIY Mermaid Garden

Mermaid gardens are fun to make and to decorate!
Mermaid gardens are fun to make and to decorate! Image source: Just Bright Ideas

This is a really cool DIY decor idea that you can make at home, it’ll take you about an afternoon to put it all together and it’s so much fun to see it taking shape! Your deck will gain a fun and unique piece of decor with one of these DIY mermaid gardens.

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