Planning a deck cleaning before the summer season gets underway? We spoke with some of the top deck installation, repair, and maintenance contractors on the market today to find out exactly what you should be looking for and how to make the most of your fun, outdoor space through the long summer months ahead.

Check every Surface for Debris and Damage

Unlike most parts of your home, your deck only sees use during very specific months which allows for it to become particularly dirty, and even damaged while you aren't using it. So when you’re getting your home’s deck ready for another season of barbeques and parties, you need to be especially careful about the condition it’s in before you begin demanding too much from it. Deck cleaning contractors advise homeowners to begin their cleaning process by scraping between any separate pieces of the structure with a tool like a putty knife. During this it’s wise to pay particular attention to surfaces which touch the ground (which are more prone to infestation and water damage) and surfaces surrounding the deck supporting joists (which can mean serious, possibly permanent structural damage to your home’s deck if affected too much). Once this debris removal and assessment is performed, it’s time to begin the major part of your deck cleaning remodel work.

Deck Cleaning: Which Method? Which Material?

While deck cleaning remodels are certainly easier than deck installation jobs, there is a level of technique and know-how which can make it a bit daunting for homeowners to perform on their own. Depending on the amount of wear and tear your deck has endured through the off-season, you may be in need of anything from a simple spraydown with a cleaner to a professional performed power washing. Moreover, the material your deck is made of has a lot to do with the best method of cleaning. Wooden deck cleaning is performed with different cleansers from vinyl or composite deck cleaning for example. And each different material demands a particular range of pressure cleaning strength to ensure that the job gets done thoroughly without causing any additional damage to your home’s deck in the process.

Drying and Sealing

Once your deck cleaning work has been started it is important to allow the solutions to apply evenly and to dry at their own pace. Rushing your deck cleaning can lead to permanent staining of your home’s deck along with other similar unsightly problems. However, once your deck is dry it’s important to allow a couple days to pass before you begin the deck sealing remodel work. Deck sealing is most important when it comes to wooden decks but your deck contractors may advise it to protect your investment no matter what material your deck is composed of. A proper layer of sealant and stain protects your deck from most natural damage, particularly those based in weather, but it also helps bring out your materials natural beauty through the whole summer season.

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