As the weather continues to improve homeowners all across the country are looking to spend more and more time outdoors. Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to mean venturing away from home, however, and today there are more unique types of exterior home remodels than ever which allow for you and your guests to stay cool and comfortable while still being close to the home you love.

With all these different ways to bring entertaining, relaxation, and charm to your home’s exterior however, many homeowners find it overwhelming to choose the right one for their particular home and their particular style and as a result settle for outdoor entertaining which consists simply of a few lawn chairs, a grill, and a cooler. If you’re interested in upgrading your exterior space beyond these basic points, however, it’s important to know the distinct differences between each of the options presented to you so that the final results you receive a perfectly tailored to your home, your property size, your budget, and your family’s lifestyle. To that end, consider the distinct qualities of these two most popular exterior home remodeling options on the market today:

Sunroom Installations

Fantastic open window sunroom for any household addtition
A sunroom provides a full enclosure for enjoying the sunlight.
  • Enclosure: Full
  • Average Cost: About $50,000

A full sunroom addition is unique among all exterior home remodeling projects as it results in a fully enclosed entertaining and relaxing space which can be enjoyed at the very least for three seasons of the year. What’s more, as a result of essentially being an interior space which is set in an exterior setting, decorating, designing, and customizing a sunroom installation is an incredibly in-depth process meaning that just about any style or budget can be worked with. This customization and full enclosure does tend to result in higher average costs, however, meaning that a certain percentage of homeowners shy away from the commitment which is inherently involved in the installation.

Deck Installations

Sunrooms, decks, and porches provide perfect summer comfort
A porch can be partially enclosed or completely open.
  • Enclosure: Open to Partial
  • Average Cost: About $8,000

The classic summer relaxation spot, deck building is one of easiest and most surefire ways to create a gorgeous new space to enjoy through the warm days of summer.


These projects can be performed to fit a wide variety of preferences including individual choices of material, style, size, and complexity of the full plan. That said, decks which are the most affordable and most common in residential properties are typically not enclosed and so can only fully be utilized during days when the weather cooperates. This limits usage fairly significantly compared to sunrooms and porches but also results in a higher degree of deck cleaning, deck sealing, and deck repairs which are usually called for.

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