Tubs are great additions to any bathrooms and most homeowners who have one opt for keeping them, even after a bathroom remodel. But when it comes to proper showers, the bathtub is usually enclosed with curtains, which certainly gets the job done but can make a bathroom feel smaller than it is.

An elegant solution are glass shower doors for tubs. Slick, stylish, easy to clean and because of their natural transparency, they allow for the entire room to shine without hiding anything. That’s why glass enclosures are always considered during a bathroom remodel!

Let’s go through everything you need to know below!

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What is a glass enclosure for tubs?

Glass doors are perfect for a modern bathroom. Homeowners usually go for curtains, but while they are cheap, they have many downsides to them – for example, they are brittle, annoying to clean, and prone to molding in some cases. They make up for it being easily replaceable, but no one likes having to throw away their curtains every year once they become obsolete.

This is where glass doors shine. Visually, they are slick and clean, and the glass itself can be customized to a degree. Most homeowners prefer the simple, clear glass, but there are etched and frosted variants for an extra layer of privacy.

But the benefits are not purely visual.

What are the benefits of a glass enclosure?

Some of the benefits of a bathtub glass enclosure are:

  • Makes your bathroom seem larger. Because of the transparency, the glass allows the entire space of the bathroom to be seen, making it look bigger than when using curtains that hide a portion of the room. Because of this, you can give the tile work inside the shower some love and your bathroom will always look amazing.
  • Easy to clean. The clear glass is super easy to clean without any special requirements, making it long-lasting and not nearly as disposable as curtains.
  • Great idea for a bathroom remodeling. Since in most cases it’s only a matter of installation, a glass enclosure for your bathtub can be adapted into most bathroom remodeling plans.

What about glass screens?

Glass shower doors are different than glass screens:

The glass door is, as the name suggests, usually a slide door made of two sheets of glass – although there are variants that open and close like common doors. Frameless sliding shower doors for tubs are just more practical since they can fit in virtually any bathroom, while the ones that open on a hinge need to be better planned.

A glass screen, however, is made of a single sheet of glass that doesn’t move (sometimes called a half glass shower door for bathtub). It usually covers about 60% of the tub, starting from the shower side. It’s a simpler project, but it relies on having a properly placed shower head that doesn’t point outwards, in which case, water can easily splash out. If the shower is pointed away from the opening, this shouldn’t be a problem, but the difference is worth pointing out.

What to consider when choosing your glass enclosure

These are the main aspects to consider when choosing your glass tub enclosure!

Glass thickness

You might not want to go too thin here, since the thinner the glass, the more it will bend under pressure. So for example, if you lose your balance or slip during the shower and press your hand against the glass, it’s better to have a thick glass you can rely on rather than a thinner option that can break under high pressure.

A professional will be able to recommend you an average thickness that works well for most situations, offering a balance between cost-effectiveness and resistance.

Glass style

Clear glass is by far the most popular, since it helps in making the bathroom seem larger by showing off the shower tiles. But, for homeowners who feel more comfortable with an extra layer of privacy, there are etched or frosted glass variants.

Glass height

The height should always be at least to the top of the shower head, and definitely never below the shower head. This prevents water from splashing over the glass.


Most options will be frameless, which looks much cleaner. Frameless bathtub shower doors are great because it makes them easier to clean and reduces visual clutter, creating that slick modern look we’re looking for.

What is the estimated cost of a bathtub glass enclosure?

As always, keep in mind estimates can vary wildly depending on your bathroom size, the material type, and the installation process, but we can offer a ballpark for your planning.

A glass tub screen can easily be purchased for less than $500, but that doesn’t account for the installation. A frameless hinged tub door will cost around the same, but also not accounting for installation, which can be more expensive depending on the size.

If you need custom tub enclosures, with installation, it can cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000. The only way to know exactly your price range is to ask a professional!

Want to upgrade your bathroom with a glass enclosure? Get free quotes from a bathroom remodeling expert from your area today!


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