The holidays are here, and you know what that means! Time to make sure the old guest room is available for company. Get your house ready for the holidays by prepping that guest room. Whether it be friends or family, your guests are going to need somewhere to crash. So revamp that extra bedroom and turn it into something truly remarkable. Later on have a drink to celebrate the season.

“Any celebration meal to which guests are invited, be they family or friends, should be an occasion for generous hospitality.” - Julian Baggini

Get the Guest Room Ready

Super cozy color patterns for the guest bedroom
Allow your guests to feel at home. Source: House is Beautiful

When it comes to guest room ideas, Pinterest actually brings up a lot of good points. You can make a theme out of the room, similar to what Airbnb does. But it mostly comes down to the little things that make people happy. There are also some “hotel-style”tricks that you can do to make your guests more comfortable, such as:

  • Serving a snack
  • Changing the sheets
  • Guest towels
  • Adding a comfort zone
  • Tailoring to their age
  • Keeping water and soda handy
  • Having a mini-fridge

Treat Your Guests Right

Go for the hotel style approach
How to treat your guests for their visit. Source: Marriott

There are many things that you can do to be more hospitable. Think of your home as like a hotel. Only instead of money, you get love and admiration from your friends and family. Here’s a “preparing for guests” checklist.

  • Bathroom upgrades
  • Mint on the pillow
  • Place cards
  • Break out the good silverware and plates
  • Fresh sheets
  • Holiday touches
  • Entranceway decor

Make the Guest Room More Like Home

Add some art for a more comfortable feel
Blue makes for a cool atmosphere. Source: Country Living

Another way to make your guests feel more at home is to create a very home-like atmosphere. So perhaps some guest room essentials should include some extra fluffy pillows or an extra comforter. Anything to keep homesickness at bay a little longer. Some other ideas include the following:

  • Nightstand
  • Extra toiletries
  • Guest towels
  • Privacy
  • A place to unpack
  • Temperature control
  • Extra bedding
  • More pillows

The “Waiting Room” Approach

Even just adding a simple mirror can make it a whole new feel
How's that for warm and inviting? Source: Decorilla

Another way to allow guests to feel more at home is to do what waiting rooms do. Providing reading reading material and emergency numbers can make friends and families more relaxed and overall give them a calmer state of mind. When it comes to “hosting overnight guests” etiquette, it’s all about comfort. Try including the following for the holiday guest room:

  • Magazines
  • Places of interest
  • Books
  • Closet space
  • Extra cot or air mattress
  • Tissues
  • Maps

The “Bed and Breakfast” Approach

Who doesn’t love a good bed and breakfast? The only thing better is breakfast in bed. And while that might not be applicable with guests staying over, they will certainly appreciate it if you make food for overnight guests. Nothing quite starts the day and creates an atmosphere of bonding like breakfast together. Furthermore, it’s always great to wake up to the fresh scent of bacon frying.


An often underrated part of staying over at someone’s house is the lighting. Have you ever wondered where the switch is when spending the night at someone’s house? Make sure that your guests aren’t left in the dark. Also, it helps to provide some light to read by. When preparing your home for holiday guests make sure to have all your electrical switches working as intended. It helps to have an outlet near a nightstand by the bed so folks can charge their phones.

A Good, Comfy Bed

Happy guests are friendly guests
How to make your guest bedroom simply the best. Source: Huffington Post

Nothing beats a soft, comfortable bed at the end of the day. Especially is that day was spent traveling. So go the full mile and invest in a comfortable guest bed. Worst case scenario? You have an extra bed in the home for when yours just isn’t as plush as it used to be. Preparing your home for holiday guests can benefit your home as well.

Any advice on keeping guests happy during Christmas? Or tips on how to decorate the guest room this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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