There are a few things that go a long way into making your home better – for now, and for the future. They’re called quality of life improvements. 

Of course, there are other smaller additions and changes that can improve your comfort and life, but today I’m focusing on the big ones. These are the pillars that will keep your home standing, sort of speak!

With these simple tips, you can focus on how to improve your home in the best possible way. Sometimes we have a lot planned and it seems hard to pinpoint what’s most important.

But with these 5 things in mind, you should be able to focus on which home improvement projects are the most important on a long-term plan!


I don’t know about you, but I am usually very good at acquiring new stuff, but terrible at getting rid of old stuff. And it’s said that most Americans feel the same way. 

Almost every homeowner will find themselves in this situation after a few years: you have too much stuff and storage space is running low.

This is why it’s important to invest in storage space as early as possible:

  • Create room for a walk-in pantry
  • Take advantage of under-bed storage
  • Use containers to keep old items safe
  • Make use of garage space for tools
  • Build a shed for gardening tools
  • Install shelves and cabinets where applicable

On a side note, you might also consider decluttering your home to make some space in the meantime!


It might seem obvious, but a lot of the time homeowners will forget to invest in comfort.

Maybe “forget isn’t the right word, but it’s far too common to let other more pressing matters take precedence over comfort. It certainly happens, but still, comfort is important.

However, comfort isn’t the same as luxury. Luxury is usually something you don’t need but would be nice to have. Comfort is something you need to relax and feel better.

And there are many small ways you can afford more comfort to your home:

  • Deep clean your rugs and furniture (very important if you’re allergic!)
  • Get a comfy rug for your bedside
  • Install a better shower
  • Use scented candles for delightful aromas
  • Buy some fluffy pillows for your couch
  • Design a reading corner
  • Purchase a comfortable office chair
  • Reorganize your furniture in a way that is more convenient for you

Check out more tips to make your home more relaxing and peaceful!


Lighting might seem less important in the grand scheme of things, but if you’ve ever been to a place with bad lighting, then you know how important it is.

Most homes will have decent or at least serviceable lighting, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

For example, a brighter fixture in the dining room, or small LEDs lights under the cabinets in the kitchen… or even the simple act of getting a more powerful light bulb for a bigger room.

But the other way is also true: you can also have situations where light is too bright and hurts your eyes, such as the bathroom. 

It’s all a matter of analyzing each room and making the necessary changes to lighting!

Room to grow

Every home changes over time. Maybe you don’t have kids right now, but you may consider the idea in a few years. Or maybe you already have children, but they will grow and their rooms will change.

Maybe you want space in your backyard for other projects or additions: gardening, DIY, an in-ground pool, perhaps even an outdoor kitchen.

Obviously, it’s impossible to plan for everything. But by keeping a little bit of the future in your mind, you’ll be able to look at rooms and see what they can become.


Perhaps one of the most substantial quality of life improvements, a home isn’t complete without a functional HVAC system.

It will be your best friend during Summer and Winter alike, keeping your house at the perfect temperature whatever the situation.

Combine that with other minor adjustments to guarantee maximum energy efficiency, and you can enjoy your HVAC all season long. If you haven’t done so yet, an HVAC inspection is highly recommended to ensure it’s working properly for the winter!

With winter coming up, you might want to consider your heating options. Talk to heating pros in your area today and get free quotes!


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