Are you a real bookworm? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been looking for ideas on reading nooks and I found so many great options that I think you are going to love, too. I mean, who wouldn’t love having a cozy reading corner just for themselves?!

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” - Joseph Addison

Corner Nook

Add a comfortable chair and enjoy your weekend
Add a comfortable chair and enjoy your weekends with a good book. Source: Apartment Therapy

First of all, this classic-looking corner nook is great for comfort and peaceful reading. More than that, you’ll have plenty of shelves for your books - which is really practical when you devour a book every couple of days.

Under Stairs

Maximize the use of space by adding a reading nook under stairs.
Maximize the use of space by adding a reading nook under the stairs. Source: 11 Mulbery

Using the space under the stairs is always great to maximize the use of your house space. Instead of going for a small closet or a tiny home office, transform that space into a comfy reading nook. Doesn’t it look great? What I love about this is that you can adapt according to how much space you have.

For example,

The photo above shows a simple nook with some pillows, a blanket, and a light for night reading. But if you have more space you can maybe:

  • Hire a carpenter to build some small shelves (or really just the one shelf) to place books and a cup of tea every now and then
  • Hire a handyman to install a store-bought shelf
  • Hire an electrician to do some special lighting tricks for your reading time

By the Window

Nothing better than reading by the window
Nothing better than reading by the window. Source: Country Living

Reading nooks by the window is definitely my favorite. That’s because you can read during the day with natural light, enjoy a good view while you think about what you’re reading, feel a summer breeze, or enjoy a hot cup of tea during fall and winter.

More than that,

You can make it your own personal space! If you prefer to read in the morning, a painting service can make your walls look brighter with colors that maximize sunlight. However, if you prefer to read by night, the painter can use soothing colors to prepare you for bedtime right after reading just one more chapter.

Floor Space

Cushions and pillows on the floor can be comfy.
Cushions and pillows on the floor can be comfy too. Source: TrueHome

If you don’t have space in your house to put together a reading nook, that’s not a problem, you don’t really need much. A small space with a couple of cushions and pillows will already be perfect to create that reading-dedicated space. It can be near your bookshelf, near a window, even on the deck outdoors!

For the Kids

Add fluffy pillows and stuffed animals for more comfort.
Add fluffy pillows and stuffed animals for more comfort. Source: The Cottage Market

It’s important for the kids to have their own reading nook. Of course, this is not a necessary rule, there’s no reason why the little ones and the grown-ups can’t share a reading space. However, I’m sure they will love to have their own space to spend time with their favorite books - I sure did love time alone with my books as a kid.

What idea is perfect for your home? Make sure to a professional to help you build the perfect nook - get a free quote!

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