During the summer is the perfect time to start that backyard project you’ve been thinking about. Be it a firepit, retaining wall, or pool enclosure, you can choose the right hardscape project for you. And in this kind of weather, it’s the right time to get that project done. Here are just some of the options you have when picking out or designing summer hardscape ideas.

”Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.” - Charles Lindbergh

Upgrade the Grill

Cooking outside with a fully customized exterior kitchen
A full oven, grill, prep table, and stovetop. Source: HGTV

Sometimes the best upgrades are the ones that grant you the most functionality. Hardscape that incorporates your grill provides a stylish way to cook food with friends and family. You can add brickwork and concrete around the grill to create a truly fantastic outdoor accessory that brings everyone together via the miracle of grilling. Sprucing up the grill is exactly how to hardscape right. Or try out these other grill-related ideas:

  • Open up panels
  • Slide-in grill
  • Poolside grill
  • Bar
  • Surround BBQ
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Table grill
  • 360 fire pit
  • Pizza oven

Walkways and Pathways

A walkway can add a lot of value to a backyard
A stone pathway could be just what the backyard needed. Source: DIYnetwork

Another stylish addition that even HGTV landscaping would approve of is adding a walkway to your home. Stone or concrete pathways create an appealing feature that anyone can approve of. There are also way to incorporate it into your garden and backyard. Have it lead around your flowers, or adorn your garden as both practical walkway and an outdoor decor piece. Walkways add both curb appeal and major value to a home, plus they are frequently coveted by homeowners themselves.

Around the Pool

Poolside hardscape is one of the coolest features you can add to your home
Water feature stepping stones. Source: HGTV

There are many things that can be done when you’re blending water and hardscape. And usually these features are the most gorgeous additions to homes that people can make. When it comes to the subject of how to hardscape a yard, there really no way to go wrong with swimming pools. And because they’re usually constructed from concrete or cement, there a lot of versatility in the craft.

Here are just a few examples of what hardscape can do with pools and water features:

  • Above water steps
  • Artificial ponds
  • Spas
  • Customized pool features
  • Multi-level pools
  • Separate Jacuzzi enclosure
  • A firepit feature inside the pool (very unique)

Permanent Planters

Another solid hardscape feature is a series of planters
In a beautiful backyard garden. Source: Southern Living

Flowers and plants love their planters, so why not include some permanent features along your backyard? Retaining walls are great, but you have the ability to specifically customize each and every planter individually.

This means that you can really add a lot of diversity and color in terms of flowers, because you’re picking all the best spots in your backyard to plant them. Be sure to include full sun flowers where the yard gets the most sunlight, and put less durable flowers in the shade. A landscaping design guide for planters can come in handy.

Did you know that the cost of hardscape ranges based on where you live? For example, in Anchorage, AK, it can cost an average of $5,201 while in Auburn, AL it can cost an average of $3,348. Want a more accurate estimate for free? Get in touch with a Hardscaper near you for a free estimate!

Fixed Furniture

Last but not least, hardscape furniture is always viable
With the right pillows and friends, even concrete can be a comfortable place. Source: Run me home

One of the simpler summer hardscape ideas, creating furniture from hardscape mostly relies on picking out what pieces you want and where to put them. After that, it’s all in the cushioning. Have couches, chairs, or even Roman sofas installed in your own backyard. Combine with LED lighting for maximum results.

Looking for the best in backyard hardscape? Or looking for a contractor to help add or install something new? Get a free estimate from a pro today!

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