A deck is by far one of the best outdoor projects you can invest in. In fact, many homeowners have already done so and now may be looking for ways to revamp a deck, giving it a brand new look for at least another season.

And there are plenty of great ideas for this. You can add some shade, reseal the wood, bring some new furniture, and much more. Let’s discuss these ideas and a lot more below!

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A pergola is a practical and fairly inexpensive way to add some shade over your deck. It creates a perfect outdoor space for hanging out through the rest of Summer and Fall, which will be starting soon.

There are other patio shade ideas you can consider, but a pergola is by far one of the most versatile!

Reseal and stain

Both of these tasks are important for giving your deck a fresh look, but also for keeping it protected for longer.

Basically, sealing is for protection. The wood will lose most of its protective layer over time, which can lead to it absorbing moisture and rotting. This extra layer of sealant is made to prevent that.

And staining is optional, but it does a lot to give your deck a fresh look. It’s sort of like painting the wood, but instead of using a paint color, you’re using a special product that can darken the wood without hiding its natural features.


Railings can add a lot of personality to your deck, and they are often underrated as pieces of decoration.

The materials themselves offer a lot of variety. Wood, steel, aluminum, PVC, each with their own distinct traits and visuals for you to choose from. If you’re researching ways to revamp your deck, don’t overlook railings!

Outdoor bar

An outdoor bar is easy to set up. Source: BHG
An outdoor bar is easy to set up. Source: BHG

Now that we got the big additions and remodels out of the way, you’ll be happy to know there are a number of easy ideas if you want to keep it simple.

First, an outdoor bar could do wonders for you. All you need is a small table with enough space for some cups and bowls, and you can easily set it up for when you need it. Great for small celebrations, parties, or just to hang out on a Sunday.


Good lighting can completely transform your deck. It goes from a simple addition to a place where you could have a wedding if you only invest in good lighting!

String lights are quite popular for this because they’re easy to install and pretty cheap. But they’re far from the only option. Spotlights and wall lamps are also viable as long as they’re properly installed and positioned.

Privacy screen

Privacy screens are charming ways to both add some shade and block vision from a particular angle. Once again, there are dozens and dozens of options for every taste.

And though the privacy aspect is a nice bonus, homeowners usually go for privacy screens for their looks. They add a nice bit of visual interest to your deck and define the space, without requiring any major remodels.


If you have everything else in your deck set up already, maybe you can revamp the area by changing up the furniture. Wooden and steel furniture are excellent for an outdoor setting, as they’re easy to maintain and withstand outdoor weather quite well.

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