The goal is simple: five steps you can follow to clean and organize your bedroom this weekend!

Think you can do it? Well, of course you can! The list is as follows:

  • Declutter
  • Organize
  • Dust and CleanVacuum
  • Bedding and Pillow Cases

You can get it done in an afternoon and still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy a clean and organized bedroom. Ready?

1. Declutter

Declutter your bedroom.
Declutter your bedroom. Source: Sunny Day Family

Decluttering is great, because it’s easy to do and it will pump you up to finish the rest of the challenge.

You can start by simply gathering the most obvious stuff, like coffee mugs lying around, clothes on the floor (no shame, we all do it), and then move on.

To make the most of decluttering:

  • Clear all surfaces from clutter — coffee mugs, books, magazines, jewelry, clothes, etc.;
  • Get rid of stuff you don’t use;
  • Clear out stuff that’s getting in the way;
  • Use baskets: any old basket or cardboard box will do. Separate them by Keep, Donate/Sell, Recycle, and Trash. Keep it real!

A common mistake people make when decluttering is rearranging items instead of actually getting rid of clutter. Watch out for these common mistakes to make sure you start the right way!

2. Organize

Time to organize everything.
Time to organize everything. Source: House Beautiful

Got everything out of the way? Good, now let’s actually organize everything you’ve got.

  • Take the stuff you’re keeping and put it all in a proper place. That is: books on a shelf, mugs in the kitchen, and so forth;
  • Take the stuff you’re donating, throwing away, and selling, OUT of your bedroom. You don’t want cluttered boxes filled with stuff getting in your way;
  • Take a deep breath and look at your much improved bedroom.

It’s starting to look better, isn’t it?

3. Dust and Clean

Dust and clean your bedroom this weekend.
Dust and clean your bedroom this weekend. Source: GHK

Before we move on, congratulations - you’re more than halfway done!

Now that we’re free of clutter on top of your furniture and all over the floor, it’s time to dust and shine your furniture.

First: you should start from the very top of whatever you own — the top of your shelves, or even a ceiling fan, if you have that. Then all the dust will settle on the floor, which we will deal with last.

Then: after dusting, take this moment to shine your furniture with wood cleaner (for wooden furniture) and glass cleaner (for mirrors, frames, and others). It will make everything look shiny and new!

Finally: don’t forget to clean under the bed for clutter and dust as well!

4. Vacuum

Vacuum your floor.
Vacuum your bedroom floor. Source: Brooklyn Bedding

After dusting everything, you can guess the next step: let’s vacuum the floor before dust starts flying around again!

This should be very quick with a simple vacuum, just be thorough and you will be looking at a dust-free room in no time. And don’t forget to celebrate, because there’s only one more step to go!

5. Bedding and Pillow Cases

Replace your bedding.
Replace your bedding. Source: Ideal Home

This is better left for last, because if any dust leftovers stick to your beddings and pillow cases, you won’t have time to notice.

  • Take out your bedding and pillow cases
  • Put everything to wash;
  • Replace both the bedding and the pillowcases for clean ones;
  • And…

Congratulations, you’ve completed the challenge and your bedroom looks awesome!

If you need more tips and inspiration, check out our articles on organization!

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