Summer is the season to get the most out of your deck. And to do that, adding cool little DIY features might be just what the doctor ordered. Want to put in a bottle opener? Or maybe a new bug screen? Perhaps you just need an extra few feet for a patio garden? Whatever the case, here are some DIY deck ideas that might suit you.

”I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains. I do not wish to go below now.” - Henry David Thoreau

Cheap and Affordable Pallets

DIY pallet decking
Construct a deck of pallets. Source: YouTube

One of the most budget-friendly methods of adding onto a deck is simply to pick up as many pallets as possible and then see what you can make out of them. This is one of the more inexpensive deck ideas because all you need is some knowledge in handywork and some determination.

Try adding different DIY pieces onto your deck, and be sure to try out as many as you can. It may surprise you to find out how easy some of these projects are.

Try building a pallet version of a

Perimeter Steps

Construct steps in all directions
360 degrees of decking. Source: buildadeck

Perfect for kids and pets, adding perimeter steps to your porch or patio provides ease of movement with an eye-catching visual aesthetic. It really gives an effect of “reaching out” to the surrounding area. And moreover, it retains the shape of your deck, providing a lot of symmetry for your backyard look. So this makes for one of the better backyard deck ideas. Expand your deck with steps!

Landscape Retaining Wall

A decking fit for a king
Stone setting for patio seating. Source: HGTV

For a really cool deck feature, try out a retaining wall. Then add your favorite flowers to it for an interesting look to a garden. A retaining wall is one of those relatively simple deck ideas that will just take a lot of time and effort. Otherwise, the design is fairly straightforward. You could easily craft one just using spare plywood from around the house.

Cracked Ice Look for Deck Railing

Another interesting patio feature
Wooden decking that DIYers love! Source: Golden Spike Company

For a unique DIY project that simply cannot be duplicated exactly, go with the “cracked ice” look. This consists of building a railing system of wood that outlines many branches that have come together to resemble the look of ice or glass cracking, but with lumber and branches instead of a liquid. This is the ultimate in terms of DIY deck plans because there’s no way you can get your own design wrong. Whatever branches you decide to build into your deck is the way you did it yourself, period. You simply can’t get it wrong, because the design is whatever you want it to be.

Add Some Shade

Cool off with some overhead screening
Don't let the sun interfere with your plans. Source: HGTV

Decks and patios are meant to be outdoors, sure. But that doesn’t mean you have to endure the sunlight all the time. Consider adding some shade to your patio. There are a lot of ways to do this, from a simple sail shade to a completely retractable awning, you can get the right shade for your backyard patio. These backyard deck design ideas will add comfort and value to your property.

A Deck Slide

Try out this kind of decking
Release the inner child in you. Source: Gold

Why not include something fun for the kids? Adding on a deck slide is a great way to make the deck a little more entertaining for the kiddies. Or hey, why not make an adult sized version? We’re not judging here. In any case, bonus points if it reaches the pool. Simple deck ideas like these can really make your backyard stand out in the neighborhood.

Build a DIY Floating Deck

A glossy sheen finish
A perfect addition to a backyard. Source: HGTV

A floating deck is just a deck that is not permanently attached to any structure, and appears to “float” on one or more sides because it is simply resting on the ground. This can also clear up a few legal issues, because most states classify a unit like this as personal property instead of part of the real estate. That being said, the floating deck is pretty much a permanent fixture, and not a portable one.

Want the best for your deck? Want some new features or addition to it? Go online and get more ideas with a contractor.

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