Getting ready for Christmas is a huge undertaking and I want to save you some time. While there will be more new guides coming up until the big day, we already have tons of resources you can use to prepare ahead of time.

So let’s take a moment to recap a few essential Christmas guides you might find useful to prepare for this wonderful celebration!

Planning your gifts

Gifting is a huge part of what makes Christmas so special. It’s the kind of task that can’t be left for the last minute as many unforeseen events such as delays can get in the way. You have to start with a plan and the earlier you can put it into action, the better.

Plan your holiday gifting. Make a list of everyone you want to gift, write down gift ideas and make some research when necessary – which also helps in narrowing down options and finding the best prices. And of course, order ahead of time to prevent delays!

Wrap your own gifts. Not only can you make your gifts feel more personal by wrapping them yourself, but you can also make them match your decoration by choosing the right colors and patterns. It adds to your decoration under the tree in a very organic way.

Optimize your shopping. Whether you’re ordering all your gifts online, there are a few ways to get better offers that you should take advantage of. For example, some websites offer discounts if you leave items in your cart, and some browser extensions automatically find valid coupons.

Deciding on your recipes

Traditional Christmas dinner usually consists of turkey as the main dish (always a great choice) but when it comes to side dishes and dessert you have a lot of room to bring something new. But depending on who you’re serving, you’re free to try whatever you want for the main dish – there’s no shortage of delicious ideas.

Make the perfect turkey. If you’re sticking with turkey, then we already have a detailed guide on how to make the perfect turkey. It’s from Thanksgiving, but obviously, the same cooking rules apply here!

Decide on other recipes early. Whether it’s for the main or side dishes, it’s recommended to decide on them early so that you can buy the right ingredients before it’s too close to Christmas – where traffic is packed and some stores will already be closed.

Don’t forget about dessert. Dessert can be the highlight of the entire celebration when done right, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Caring for your tree

Setting up the tree is a huge part of the Christmas season. Most of you should have it in your home right now, so here are a few guides with helpful tips on how to care for your tree and decorate it.

How to Care For Your Christmas Tree. After taking the tree to your home, you need to know when to water it, how to secure a good stand, and perhaps even protect it from your pets.

Christmas tree decoration ideas for you. Decorating the tree is a playground for expressing yourself and there are thousands of options from traditional to experimental, whichever you prefer.

Decorating your home

The part about decorating your home might as well go on forever. The options are basically endless and you’re sure to find a style that suits you, whether you want something simple and practical, or luxurious and expressive.

Christmas decoration ideas for every taste. Let’s start with the basics, right? Find the style that you like and try planning out which rooms you want to work on, and how much decoration you’ll need. 

Handmade decoration ideas. A more personal touch is always welcome if you have the time and patience to go through with it. DIY decoration can be very expressive and beautiful, and opens up even more possibilities!

Use string lights. String lights are a huge part of what makes Christmas decorations so distinct and you can use them to great effect. They’re handy for decorating outdoors since they make the nights all that more special.

Christmas movie night

Once everyone is done eating and it’s time to relax, you might want chill entertainment where the entire family can sit down and unwind. This is my final tip for now: close the night with a movie night. If it’s Christmas Eve, it should give everyone just enough time to get some energy back before opening the gifts!

So I’m recommending 10 Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family. This is a pretty comprehensive list that has a bit of everything, from rom-coms to classic animation, and from hard-boiled action to horror. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your family.

There are many home improvement tasks you can still complete before Christmas. Get free quotes today for any home improvement service in your area and make the necessary repairs before the big day!


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